Some past work

Striped, blue and white clay pourover set. Loop vase adorned with flowers on a dining table.Speckled off white and brown dinner plates.Orange, bright coffee pourover and mug set in a studio setting. A plate with a hand painted yellow and black beetle painted on the surface.
Blue cereal bowls, and off-white speckled large bowls.Blue and yellow butter keeper. Pink and orange planter. A orange and pink planter sitting on a dining table.12 ceramic cups sitting in the sun, drying after being thrown on the wheel.
Colorway tumblers stacked on the dining table. Colorful, hand painted ceramic trays lined up in a row against a pink wall. Large red and white planter, planted with a rubber tree inside, sitting on porch steps.Black and orange striped planter, with a cactus planted inside, sitting on porch steps.